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The Great Halloween Watch List: 2023

Every year, Michael compiles a seasonal list of things to watch in preparation for Halloween. Previously, this list has been a curation of movies he had already seen.

Since this year has proven to be a bit of a chaos gremlin, and so many new horror/spooky projects have come out this year (despite the ongoing strike(s)), inspiration struck to take the opportunity and change the list up - because why not?

In addition to movies, this year's Great Halloween Watch List includes miniseries, TV shows, and whole franchises! Almost everything on this list will be new things for either Michael, Emily, or both of us to watch, along with some of our annual must-sees.

While we fully accept that we won't be able to watch all of these this October, we still like to have many options, for whichever way the witchy wind blows.

With that, we present you THE LIST! Enjoy!


(In No Particular Order):

The Fall of the House of Usher

(2023) - Miniseries

The Changeling

(2023-Ongoing) - TV Series

What We Do In The Shadows

(2019- Ongoing)- TV Series

A Discovery of Witches

(2018 - 2022) - TV Series

The Evil Dead Franchise

(1981 - 2023) - Movie(s)

Final Destination Franchise

(2000 - Ongoing) - Movie(s)


(2022) - Movie

We Have a Ghost

(2023) - Movie

Wallace & Gromit:

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

(2005) - Movie

Totally Killer

(2023) - Movie


(1977) - Movie


(1995) - Movie

Wendell & Wild

(2022) - Movie

Talk To Me

(2023) - Movie

The Hole in the Ground

(2019) - Movie

The Amityville Horror

(1979) - Movie

Pet Sematary

(1989) - Movie

The Invitation

(2022) - Movie

The Boogeyman

(2023) - Movie

WNUF Halloween Special

(2013) - Movie


(2023) - Movie


(2013) - Movie


(2022) - Movie

Haunted Mansion

(2023) - Movie


(2009) - Movie


(2005) - Movie

Knock at the Cabin

(2023) - Movie

The Last Voyage of the Demeter

(2023) - Movie


(2023) - Movie

Black Phone

(2021) - Movie


(2022) - Movie


Which of these are on your 2023 Halloween List? Let us know in the comments of our post about this list on our Instagram!

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