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Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (2022)

⭐3 Stars ⭐

I love A Christmas Carol, I’ve seen so many adaptations it’s becoming increasingly hard to say something unique about each of them. What makes this one stand apart? Well, it’s animated, it’s more for kids, and it’s a musical! It does…one of those things well. As far as a Christmas Carol that's more for kids, this one is fine, and if Muppets don’t suit you this is a perfectly serviceable entry point to the story. It’s a little faster, a little livelier, and a little goofier than most other adaptations. As far as the other new factors go, well the animation is…it’s not great. It looks old and cheap. That said, they do use the animated medium to do some creative things you couldn’t really do in live-action with some of the visuals. The music, well the score is good, it’s the lyrics that leave MUCH to be desired as they’re all mostly bland nothing statements. So Scrooge isn’t great, but it’s still A Christmas Carol! And the performances all have a lot of life to them. I also even liked some of the little moments that expanded on Scrooge’s backstory and fall to greed. That said, this isn’t exactly an adaptation I see myself watching again.

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