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Good Girl Fail (2023) — Book Review

⭐ 4 Stars ⭐

After a complicated year with reading, Emily finally has the hunger and focus to read (and finish) full-length novels! Not only has the reading drought ended, but it has picked up full steam with the assistance of one of Emily’s favorite authors, Roni Loren, who kindly sent her an advance copy of the forthcoming title Good Girl Fail.

Emily was introduced to Roni’s books several years ago with her series, The Ones Who Got Away. Since then, Roni Loren has become an auto-buy author for Emily, and she is delighted to report that Good Girl Fail did not disappoint.

Even since O’Neal’s mother was brutally murdered when she was five, her conservative, Catholic, and extremely overprotective grandparents have dictated her life. She followed their rules to the letter of the law, perfect grades, no rules broken, and definitely zero boys or romance.

That is until she secretly applies to a different college than where her grandparents have decided and impulsively kisses her best friend’s very attractive older brother.

Auden knew kissing her back was a bad idea, and had tried very hard to forget it, especially when he found out that O’Neal’s grandparents kicked her out of the house, and family, for the simple act of attending Bennette University, which also happened to be his university. He tried forgetting about the kiss when his mother and sister asked him to keep an eye on O’Neal. Which wouldn’t be so hard if he wasn’t so attracted to her. But he has his kinks and is determined to keep her innocent of them all.

But she is equally determined. Not does she have the burning desire to ace all the tests he throws her way, but to get to know him, as well as his equally attractive best friend Lennox, a whole lot more intimately.

Fair warning: This is a very spicy Erotic Romance, with an MMF menage. Emily will admit, is not her go-to subgenre of romance, but honestly, it has been ages since she has devoured a book as quickly as I did with Good Girl Fail, so there is something to be said about the book.

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