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Hello! You Found A Bookmark!
What started as a class assignment/community art project has found its way to you. 
As a way to learn more about the people in her life, Emily invited members of her community to come up with 5 books that speak to a part of who they are.

I am inviting you to think of up to 5 books that have impacted you and informed your identity. You could think of them as an “Intro to [you] in 5 books”. These will be books that found you exactly when you needed them, where a line or a paragraph stuck out to you and inspired you. These are also the books where you perhaps saw a part of yourself represented for the first time: Spiritually, Sexually, Culturally, etc.  These books could have stories around them that are just as impactful as the book itself; It was the first book that was given to you as a gift by your favorite relative, A teacher said you shouldn’t read that book and that you wouldn’t understand it and then you devoured it AND aced that test, and so on...


You are more than welcome to explain why you have chosen the books you select, but that is not required.


Anyway, I am excited to see what books you select!

Below are a handful of participants, including the person from your new bookmark!

Unless noted as out of print, each book has a link for purchase.

Want To Participate?

Tell Us Your Five Books On Twitter & Instagram with #In5Books!

We are excited to see which books you select!

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