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Who is
Ink & 8-Bit?

We are just two millennial nerds, Emily (Ink) and Michael (8-Bit) who work full time (one in education, the other in the book industry) but also have an extreme passion for talking about all things storytelling!

The goal for this very expensive website is to have a main hub for when we share something that we are excited about. Whether that is a watching a new movie, revisiting an old video game, or writing about how a book has reflected something magical in our real world. 

If you like what you see and want to support us so that we may continue to do this, please consider donating to our Ko-Fi, purchasing a book or two through our affiliate page on, or even a used book directly from our bookshelves via PangoBooks!


Every bit of support is very much appreciated.

A very happy, newly engaged heterosexual, caucasion couple.

Photo of Emily and Michael, shortly after Michael proposed. 

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